"A party without cake is just a meeting." - Julia Child

I love dessert, guys. LOVE. IT. I'd like to spin a yarn about how it all started in the kitchen, baking with some family member when I was young, but that's just not the case. I was the only one in my family who took dessert very seriously and people thought I was a weirdo for it. For the record, not much has changed. And I am a weirdo. I'm okay with that.

Anyway, I remember on occasion, friends in my elementary school classes would go out for pizza and ice cream for their birthdays, but there was no cake. I always had a birthday cake. Those were the rules. I was bewildered and honestly, a little mad. "Did your mom not force me to wear a Super Mario Bros. or Rainbow Brite party hat for the duration of the time she booked at Chuck E. Cheese? Did I not get reprimanded for dumping all of my party favors into said hat and carrying it around like a purse?" As far as I was concerned, we were a bunch of 7 year olds singing "Happy Birthday" to a classmate as he or she blew out candles on an ice cream sundae?! Ummmm.... "UNhappy Birthday, Suzie. You didn't get a cake. I'll be over here playing skee ball so I can get enough tickets to redeem them for that sweet neon slap bracelet."

As you can tell, since I was a kid, I've never stopped thinking about sugary treats. Well, maybe I stopped long enough to dream about pizza, but my mind has long consisted mostly of donuts, cake, candy, brownies and ice cream. With such an affinity for sweets, I realized that while my girlfriends mostly spend their money on shoes and clothes, I would spend mine at restaurants, artisanal candy stores (specifically at A Real Treat in Santa Monica), delis and bakeries. (I once spent $60 on artisanal desserts at the Bakers Will Bake sale in 2014. What? Don't look at your computer like that. It was for CHARITY. Anything for the children.)

After years of ordering dessert after dessert, I realized that a small part of me was always a little disappointed. I had a difficult time finding one that wasn't too sweet, dry, rich, or dense. This dissatisfaction made me obsessed with finding a treat that was worth the calories. I wasn't going to hike for 4 hours to burn off a dry chocolate cupcake with overly sweet frosting that wouldn't move when you dropped it on a plate. I finally decided to get to work in my own kitchen. 

After pounds upon pounds of flour, butter and sugar, tons of taste tests and giant piles of dishes, an obsession became a sweet little business. I've never looked back. I'm so happy that I get to share my deliciously balanced creations with you, because sweets should never be "too much" of anything. Unless it's "too delicious." That's totally fine.

Oh and if I leave you with anything, let it be these two things:

  • Birthday cakes-MANDATORY. Doesn't matter how old you are. After birthday drinks, comes the birthday cake. 
  • "MaRscapone" is NOT A WORD. It's "MASCARPONE." The only "R" in that word is the 6th letter.