Oh, Super Bowl 46, thank you for giving me another excuse to make dessert.   From start to finish, my house was filled with great company and delicious bites:

Homemade pretzel rods…

Fried chicken wings

Sriracha honey hot wings

Okay, okay, there was plenty more, but this is all about dessert.  Let’s start with the fleur de sel chocolate chip cookie–crispy edges with a chewy center

11 people attended.  Too much? 

Next, football cake pops–chocolate cake with milk chocolate frosting:

Then, the football version of my “Faux-stess Cupcake”–I landed on doing laces instead of the squigglies.  I know, I know.  You’re wondering where I went to college with an extensive vocabulary like this.  Nothing but the best from Harvard. 

Coffee-infused chocolate cake

Topped with a milk chocolate ganache and filled with a homemade, fluffy marshmallow cream

(Eat your heart out, marshmallow fluff in a can.)

Since I had so much marshmallow cream left over and ya know, one or two spare cookies laying around, I made whoopie pies

Gym time?