With it being the month of February and all, this kitchen hasn’t really been able to stop and take a breather.  Birthday orders, Valentine’s Day orders, Just-Because cupcakes….*sigh*  I love it though.  It’s a nice distraction.  One of my very dear friends, Taraneh aka “My Idea Machine,” was going to visit her boyfriend in Vegas the weekend before Valentine’s Day.  She took a little trip over to my bakery for a baking sesh and she landed on making chocolate dipped sugar cookies and pop tarts.

Sugar cookies:

Homemade blueberry compote:

Mini heart pie pockets:

This very same weekend, I had a batch of cake pops to make for a friend’s sister’s birthday.  She loves the color red, so I decorated accordingly.

Chocolate cake pops with a dark chocolate coating:

Red Planets:

As Valentine’s Day grew nearer, I thought it would be a great idea to make Valentine-Grams for friends at work.  Suffice it to say, as I continue my reign of terror on my co-workers’ diets, I may have baked a taaaaaad too much.  What do you think??

Callebaut milk chocolate brownies topped with toasted marshmallow, blistered almonds from Fat Uncle Farms and chocolate chips:

Chocolate dipped shortbread:

(naked shortbread):

Sugar Cookies:

Blueberry Mini Pies:

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Fleur de Sel (I just want you all to know that I forgot that I made these until I saw my pictures again.  I might need professional help.):

Last, but certainly not least, I was finally able to get to the cake pop bouquets that I wanted to put together for my girlfriends for Valentine’s Day…2 days later.  I pretty much couldn’t move after actual Valentine’s Day, especially since I dozed off several times while watching Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo in Santa Monica (my Valentine’s Day gift).  I mean, if you can fall asleep while a bunch of acrobats dressed up as insects are fighting over a giant egg, then you must be tired, right?

My twin sister, Jenny, came over to help me with my bouquets.  This term, “help” is used very loosely since it’s more like her visiting while she eats my sprinkles and other decorative candies as I bake my little heart out :)  Love you, twinnnnnn!! 

Anyways, I wanted to make Valentine teddy bear cake pops.  We put on “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” (yeah, yeah–you boyfriends know that you’ve watched this movie on your own AFTER your girlfriends made you watch it for the first time) and decided to have some whiskey.  Jenny + Noey + whiskey = both of us laughing so hard that these poor little bears suffered the consequences.  They were a tad misshapen, had the wrong color features because I didn’t have time to get black sugar pearls or black candy coated sunflower seeds for the noses, didn’t anticipate that out of an entire bag of M&M’s, that I would only get 5 brown ones (these were for the arms) AND apparently laughing isn’t good for getting the little Hershey kiss feet to stay on properly—–what run-on sentence?  I promised myself that I wouldn’t post these, but I figure if I have the disclaimer that these were made under the influence of alcohol, you all understand that I’m not trying to win any beauty contests with these babies.

This is probably the best one out of the bunch:

In love wiiiiiiiiiiiith—- your blue arms??

These were the most “special.”—especially the one on the left.  His name is Sloth.

Out of all the laughing and other cake pop malfunctions, this is where the reject teddies went to die.  It’s a helluva graveyard.  Happy February 16th, ladies (as I tell you all this on February 23rd).  <3 you guys!!