“He looks like a pink nightmare."  Definitely not the words I had in mind when I thought of all the cute Easter bunny cake pops I was going to create.   

I pictured adorable, sweet bunnies.  Instead…*sigh* I came up with bunnies that make me feel like this:


I’m sure the suspense is killing you, so here they are:


Please note, this is what happens when you don’t live in the Midwest and have access to every sprinkle/candy decoration available to man.  This is also what happens when the local Michael’s crafts only has giant candy eyeballs available.  You have to make your own.

Hold the wisecracks…

I guess they are somewhat cute in their own psycho way.

Segue over to my other bunny cake pops, which actually turned out pretty adorable.

I’m proud to report that these babies sold out in about 10 minutes, especially the little chicks!  I was a very happy camper.  I literally had to leave work to make more and fulfill orders.  Best. Friday. Ever.

Here’s the whole family:

I’m a bit obsessed with the flower cake pops also:

Not sure if you noticed, but I also made creepy purple bunnies:

The scary flashbacks to past Easter Bunny encounters continue:

My recent orders have all been for cake pops, so I also made little Easter basket cupcakes as a reminder that I make other things too:

Yeah.  Hi!  Cupcakes.  Still here.

As an additional Easter treat, I was finally able to unveil my latest cupcake for my friend, Jon’s birthday this past weekend.  He loves peanut butter and chocolate.  Seems to be a trend with my guy friends—or ya know, humans. 

He’s a beer connoisseur so I made my chocolate cupcake with Moylan’s Dragoons Dry Stout with a milk chocolate bourbon buttercream, garnished with crushed potato chips:

Tucked away inside is a peanut butter buttercream:

Overall, it was a pretty lovely Easter.  Creepy bunnies included.  Hope everyone had a great one!